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« le: 13 Juin 2009 à 00:19:08 »

ce soir j'ai eu l'idée de briser la routine en déclenchant un épisode mouvementé sur le chat 'dragon' dans le jeu'
LungTien se sent seul et frustré et commence à perdre tout contrôle

[06/12/09 23:13:19] [Dragon: LungTien] *his eyes still glowing, he glances at the hatchlings with a strange look
[06/12/09 23:13:21] [Dragon: Nyoko] *looks up at Alaysar then noses him.*
[06/12/09 23:13:43] [Dragon: Severa] *giggles* tay tay no make fat jookes till he big big
[06/12/09 23:14:06] [Dragon: Taylus] Bigger!? D:
[06/12/09 23:14:57] [Dragon: Severa] *gently noses him* erm, me sorry. me no did want hurt tay tay
[06/12/09 23:14:58] [Dragon: Alaysar] How is your trainings going Nyoko?
[06/12/09 23:15:21] [Dragon: Taylus] You no hurt me *he grins and licks Severas nose*
[06/12/09 23:16:04] [Dragon: Severa] *chirps* ah, oki. it just did sound like tay tay no did like what me said said
[06/12/09 23:16:07] [Dragon: Nyoko] *ponders*  Iea improving in crafting again, a'na.  But think need find better crystal things for claw.
[06/12/09 23:16:24] [Dragon: Alaysar] Oh what kind of crystalthings?
[06/12/09 23:16:53] [Dragon: Nyoko] Looking for one help hold more a'na.
[06/12/09 23:17:31] [Dragon: Alaysar] Ahh a capacity crystal, Ieo will keep a watch
[06/12/09 23:17:34] [Dragon: LungTien] *begins to move toward the hatchling, his eyes now noticeably brighting
[06/12/09 23:17:44] [Dragon: LungTien] hatchlings*
[06/12/09 23:18:00] [Dragon: Severa] *plops down on her belly*
[06/12/09 23:18:11] [Dragon: Taylus] I joking *sticks his tongue out*
[06/12/09 23:18:15] [Dragon: Nyoko] *tilts her head at Alaysar.*  A'na?
[06/12/09 23:18:23] [Dragon: Tekka] *nuzzles the hatchlings, resting her wings*
[06/12/09 23:18:24] [Dragon: Severa] *giggles*
[06/12/09 23:18:42] [Dragon: Taylus] *ponders something*
[06/12/09 23:19:26] [Dragon: LungTien] *is now moving close to the hatchies, with an insane look
[06/12/09 23:19:45] [Dragon: Nyoko] *tilts her head at LungTien in question*
[06/12/09 23:20:02] [Dragon: Severa] *stretches and glances up at taylus*
[06/12/09 23:20:35] [Dragon: LungTien] *smiles, but not in the friendly way
[06/12/09 23:21:03] [Dragon: Severa] *catches sight of lungtien and tilts her head*
[06/12/09 23:21:11] [Dragon: Nyoko] *clambers off Alaysar and pads up to LungTien, her head still tilted to the side.  She places her paw on him and hums softly.*
[06/12/09 23:21:35] [Dragon: SSiscor] * approaches the area again as if looking for something *
[06/12/09 23:21:36] Severa tells you, '((whats up with lung?))'
[06/12/09 23:21:47] [Dragon: Severa] lungtien big big okay?
[06/12/09 23:21:48] [Dragon: Taylus] *lays several [<!--LI 12471772 12755005>Malachite Golem Chip<!--/LI>] in a circular pattern on the ground and with one claw pokes directly in the center.. and a few of the runes on bob begin to glow. When he pulls his had away a small blight thorn grows up.. lifting up the gem pieces... he waits a moment then looks down at bob* That's nuff.. *the thorn stops.. and taylus reaches down and snaps it off and hands it to sev*
[06/12/09 23:22:26] [Dragon: Severa] *squeaks and takes the chip* thank thank!! *nuzzles him*
[06/12/09 23:22:41] [Dragon: Taylus] ((It's a "flower" XD ))
[06/12/09 23:23:03] [Dragon: Severa] ((oh! XD))
[06/12/09 23:23:03] [Dragon: Taylus] ((blight thorn stem and green malachite golem chip petals XD))
[06/12/09 23:23:25] [Dragon: Severa] *squeaks and takes the flower* thank thank!! *nuzzles him* it very pretty
[06/12/09 23:23:55] [Dragon: LungTien] (( in my rp i have thoght about, when LungTien feels alone or is sad, a part of his mind, coming from his past dangerous use of magic, takes him and makes him dangerous))
[06/12/09 23:24:08] [Dragon: LungTien] ((if you don't want i can stop here))
[06/12/09 23:24:25] [Dragon: Taylus] *goes to nuzzle.. then looks over at Ssiscor... he stifles a growl remembering what his A'mea said... he then forces a smile at Severa*
[06/12/09 23:24:32] [Dragon: Nyoko] ((COntinue, continue.))
[06/12/09 23:24:40] [Dragon: Severa] *blink blinks*
[06/12/09 23:24:45] Miemonus tells you, 'I'm afraid there is nothing I can teach you at this time.  Return later when you have gained more experience.'
[06/12/09 23:25:41] [Dragon: Taylus] *places his paw on the small section of blight remaining on the ground.. the runes on bob flicker and he clenses the blight he had left*
[06/12/09 23:25:47] [Dragon: LungTien] *begins to cast an unknown spell at the hatchlings, seeming to ignore the others here
[06/12/09 23:26:05] [Dragon: Nyoko] *furrows her eyeridges as she hums, looking back at Alaysar.*
[06/12/09 23:26:10] [Dragon: SSiscor] * sits silently and waits *
[06/12/09 23:26:42] [Dragon: SSiscor] * raises an eye noticing LungTien *
[06/12/09 23:26:49] [Dragon: Severa] *holds the flower in her paws gently nd smiles at taylus* me will take good care of flower
[06/12/09 23:27:18] [Dragon: Taylus] *looks at SSiscor with narrow eyes that themselves scream hate... then looks over smiling at Severa and lays down next to her*
[06/12/09 23:27:18] [Dragon: Nyoko] *closes her eyes as she hums, the green patterns on her scales brightening dimly, her paw still on LungTien.*
[06/12/09 23:28:17] [Dragon: Alaysar] *watches with Nyoko but stays unmoving, not willing to interfere at this moment in time*
[06/12/09 23:28:49] [Dragon: Severa] *tilts her head, wondering who taylus is glaring at* everything okay tay tay?
[06/12/09 23:29:27] [Dragon: Taylus] Oh.. saw someone who torturing my brother... a'mea say she take care of it though
[06/12/09 23:29:38] [Dragon: LungTien] *without warning, send a magiccal beam at the hatchling's direction
[06/12/09 23:30:08] [Dragon: Nyoko] *squeaks and stops humming running at Severa and Taylus.*  D'na!
[06/12/09 23:30:35] [Dragon: Severa] *looks behind her* hi hi grandfa *gets struck by the beam and gets encased in ice*
[06/12/09 23:30:43] [Dragon: Taylus] *looks up confused*
[06/12/09 23:31:07] [Dragon: Severa] ((too soon?))
[06/12/09 23:31:19] [Dragon: Nyoko] *skids to a stop, her eyeridges furrowing.*
[06/12/09 23:31:21] [Dragon: Tekka] *sits up* Lung... what are you doing to my brother?
[06/12/09 23:32:04] [Dragon: Nyoko] *runs over and stands in front of Severa and Taylus, her tail lashing as she faces LungTien.*  D'na.
[06/12/09 23:32:08] [Dragon: Severa] *hears nyoko shout and turns to look at her, she sees the beam flying at her and gets hit before she has a chance to run. she's encased in solid ice*
[06/12/09 23:32:32] [Dragon: Nyoko] ((*places message under Severa's then sneaks away.*  Bwahaha))
[06/12/09 23:32:43] [Dragon: Nyoko] ((*her message))
[06/12/09 23:32:45] [Dragon: Severa] ((XD))
[06/12/09 23:32:52] [Dragon: Aayron] *the adult places herself protectingly between hatchlings and lung* What is happening here?!
[06/12/09 23:32:57] [Dragon: Aayron] (himself)
[06/12/09 23:33:06] [Dragon: Akrion] ((*snickers*))
[06/12/09 23:33:16] [Dragon: Severa] ((lol))
[06/12/09 23:33:40] [Dragon: Tekka] *stands next to Aayron, forming a wall between the instigator and the young ones* Speak quickly. What are you doin?
[06/12/09 23:34:00] [Dragon: LungTien] *begins to laugh loudly on an insane tone
[06/12/09 23:34:07] [Dragon: Severa] *the face on the encased hatchie is one of shock and fear*
[06/12/09 23:34:16] [Dragon: SSiscor] * prepares a perfect spell *
[06/12/09 23:34:40] [Dragon: Nyoko] *back up, looking up at the bigger Dragons before looking over at Severa.  Padding up to the encased hatchling she closes her eyes and starts humming, the green patterns on her scales brightening.*
[06/12/09 23:35:04] [Dragon: LungTien] *glances at SSiscor, and begins to cast another spell
[06/12/09 23:35:07] [Dragon: Taylus] *looks confused as bob's runes start flashing.. more vines erupt crushing the ice surrounding him and sev*
[06/12/09 23:35:40] [Dragon: Taylus] *the fines then relax after the ice is removed*
[06/12/09 23:35:45] [Dragon: Skihlairk] ((*Hides Skih in the corner somewhere* :0))
[06/12/09 23:35:51] [Dragon: SSiscor] * casts spellbind on Lung *
[06/12/09 23:36:11] [Dragon: Aayron] *jumps at LungTien, pinning him down*
[06/12/09 23:36:15] [Dragon: SSiscor] (It's a mez can't do anything while it's up)
[06/12/09 23:36:25] [Dragon: Tekka] *leaps onto LungTien also, holding down Lung*
[06/12/09 23:36:31] [Dragon: SSiscor] (until you are hurt)
[06/12/09 23:36:32] [Dragon: Akrion] ((Unless attacked.. *looks at everybody attacking him* XD))
[06/12/09 23:36:36] [Dragon: Severa] *falls to her chest and belly breathing heavily*
[06/12/09 23:36:38] [Dragon: Nyoko] *sits back on her haunches, tilting her head at Severa and Taylus in question before padding back over to Alaysar, climbing back on top of hum.*
[06/12/09 23:36:51] [Dragon: Taylus] Noo no go way vines! *they do*
[06/12/09 23:37:07] [Dragon: SSiscor] * shrugs and watches *
[06/12/09 23:37:27] [Dragon: Nyoko] ((*him))
[06/12/09 23:37:35] [Dragon: Severa] *lifts her head up* what happen?
[06/12/09 23:37:49] [Dragon: Taylus] *goes over ignoring lung who has everyone on him he goes to Severa...* You all right sev sev?
[06/12/09 23:37:49] [Dragon: LungTien] *tries to cast a magical shield around him, but isn't able to stop the other dragons
[06/12/09 23:38:16] [Dragon: Tekka] DESIST! *holding him down*
[06/12/09 23:38:46] [Dragon: Alaysar] *furrows his brow watching* Interesting show today.
[06/12/09 23:38:49] [Dragon: SSiscor] * sighs * That probably won't work
[06/12/09 23:39:01] [Dragon: Severa] me think me am...*she's pretty cold to the touch*
[06/12/09 23:39:07] [Dragon: Tekka] *glances at Ssiscor*
[06/12/09 23:39:20] [Dragon: Taylus] Yeah Punish him you evil person *growls at Ssiscor*
[06/12/09 23:39:40] [Dragon: SSiscor] Most of those that do things such as that have no fear of being harmed
[06/12/09 23:39:45] [Dragon: LungTien] *is thrown away, then his eyes stop suddenly to bright
[06/12/09 23:39:55] [Dragon: Aayron] That is quite enough fighting.
[06/12/09 23:40:08] [Dragon: SSiscor] Too many claim that they are misunderstood
[06/12/09 23:40:09] [Dragon: SSiscor] S
[06/12/09 23:40:09] [Dragon: LungTien] *cries briefly in pain
[06/12/09 23:40:16] [Dragon: SSiscor] Simply need guidance
[06/12/09 23:40:25] [Dragon: SSiscor] And are in need of our pity
[06/12/09 23:40:30] [Dragon: Nyoko] *lays her head on Alaysar's shoulder, watching.*
[06/12/09 23:40:34] [Dragon: SSiscor] They nod go along with it and do it again
[06/12/09 23:40:37] [Dragon: Taylus] And it your job to mercilessly and with great pleasure to you self hunt them down and dispatch them
[06/12/09 23:40:58] [Dragon: Taylus] You no better then them.. you just CLAIM you doing it for justice..
[06/12/09 23:41:02] [Dragon: Severa] *glances between taylus and ssiscor, not having a clue what's going on*
[06/12/09 23:41:42] [Dragon: LungTien] *seems to come back to consciousness
[06/12/09 23:41:50] [Dragon: Tekka] *holding Lung down, but not hurting him*
[06/12/09 23:42:12] [Dragon: SSiscor] How many of your family have you lost to their likes? Hmm? What have you been through? When you've lived as long as I have hatchling then you can speak about what I am doing. Not before.
[06/12/09 23:42:43] [Dragon: Taylus] You no did nothing.. till sister said he hurt me.. did you ASK me if he hurt me?
[06/12/09 23:42:48] [Dragon: LungTien] hrmm... what is happened? *looks disconcerted
[06/12/09 23:42:56] [Dragon: Tekka] You attacked the younglings.
[06/12/09 23:42:57] [Dragon: Taylus] Did you ASK me if I was a victim!?
[06/12/09 23:43:09] [Dragon: Taylus] No You made me a victim of you!
[06/12/09 23:43:14] [Dragon: Nyoko] *furrows her eyeridges as she looks down at her paws*
[06/12/09 23:43:16] [Dragon: SSiscor] I asked him. I got my answers
[06/12/09 23:43:32] [Dragon: SSiscor] A
[06/12/09 23:43:33] [Dragon: Taylus] I did not ask for justice you took it on yourself to get justice..
[06/12/09 23:43:39] [Dragon: Severa] *afraid that another fight might break out, she goes to a corner and hides behind some rocks*
[06/12/09 23:43:48] [Dragon: LungTien] ... i have.... what?!?
[06/12/09 23:43:49] [Dragon: SSiscor] And here you are doing the same thing you are accusing me of. Grow up!
[06/12/09 23:43:50] [Dragon: Tekka] TAYLUS!
[06/12/09 23:44:03] [Dragon: Taylus] *growls and leaps at SSiscor
[06/12/09 23:44:04] [Dragon: Tekka] *gets up and pulls Taylus aside gently* Don't aggravate things!
[06/12/09 23:44:10] [Dragon: Aayron] *still holding Lung*
[06/12/09 23:44:10] [Dragon: Skihlairk] *Pulls Severa from behind the rocks and tucks her under her wing*
[06/12/09 23:44:25] [Dragon: Severa] *curls up under ski's wing and quivers*
[06/12/09 23:44:48] [Dragon: SSiscor] * Raises his blighted aura * Do what you want seek your revenge then wait till I come back after everyone sees what you are
[06/12/09 23:45:01] [Dragon: Taylus] *squirms out of tekkas grasp and attacks Ssiscor*
[06/12/09 23:45:07] [Dragon: Tekka] *sighs*
[06/12/09 23:45:10] [Dragon: Skihlairk] *She shuffles back a tad, still with Severa tucked away, in an attempt to keep out of the fight* Shhh, your alright Sev~
[06/12/09 23:45:18] [Dragon: Tekka] *pads over to Ssiscor and Taylus, trying to seperate them*
[06/12/09 23:45:25] [Dragon: Nyoko] *scrambles off of Alaysar and runs over to Taylus and Ssiscor.*  D'na, Taylus.  Please.
[06/12/09 23:45:39] [Dragon: Taylus] If that what I am.. then take care of me now.. dont wait for no thinly masked reason to torture me do it now
[06/12/09 23:45:50] [Dragon: SSiscor] * does nothing to stop Taylus. he waits as the hatchling attacks grinning *
[06/12/09 23:45:54] [Dragon: Severa] *pushes herself up against ski as much as she can*
[06/12/09 23:46:01] [Dragon: Tekka] Desist, little brother! No more fighting! *pulling him back*
[06/12/09 23:47:00] [Dragon: Taylus] You will stop what you doing to my brother over what you CLAIM he did to me.. and if you want hurt him you wait for something else
[06/12/09 23:47:00] [Dragon: Aayron] *watching the others, still holding Lung down*
[06/12/09 23:47:06] [Dragon: LungTien] *suddenly, he understand what is happened, and looks at himself, horrified
[06/12/09 23:47:11] [Dragon: Taylus] *bats tekkas paw away*
[06/12/09 23:47:35] [Dragon: Tekka] *puts her paws on both ssiscor and Taylus, pushing them apart, her stripes flaring with green blight energy*
[06/12/09 23:48:10] [Dragon: Severa] *pokes her head out from under ski's wing and watches with fear in her eyes* please no fight fight!
[06/12/09 23:48:12] [Dragon: SSiscor] Show them all justice hatchling
[06/12/09 23:48:42] [Dragon: Taylus] I just want justice from you... you the one made me victim..
[06/12/09 23:48:55] [Dragon: Tekka] Fighting accomplished nothing, little brother. Remember what A'mea said. Leave him alone! *pulling Taylus off Sssicor*
[06/12/09 23:49:05] [Dragon: Taylus] You said if I came back you treat me like him.. well I back.. treat me
[06/12/09 23:49:06] [Dragon: Skihlairk] *Keeps Severa tucked tightly* Shhhh little one~
[06/12/09 23:49:23] [Dragon: LungTien] *so...sorry... i never wanted to do this... i wasn't myself...

bon après ça se calme malgré des tensions RP entre deux des participants... LungTien est pardonné, Sombreneige arrive, le réconforte et puis c'est bon : )
sur ce, bonne nuit
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Myrra la ronronneuse

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« Répondre #1 le: 16 Juin 2009 à 05:55:35 »

Elle est trop gentille ta blanche...

Tu aurais 10 fois mérité au moins la fessée en public !

Myrra Purrfect - parfaite et ronronnante :p
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