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Toujours dans l'ajout de profondeur sur l'histoire d'Istaria, voici plus d'informations sur un nouveau personnage: Albus Tagley.

One of the best known Gnomish Generals(1) ever to command the field. In fact, he was one of the only Gnomish Generals ever to command the field. Since the Gnomes are not overly militaristic by nature, they did not typically excel in martial prowess when compared to some of the other Living Races throughout history. However, exceptional circumstances often produce exceptional people. Realizing what would happen to his people if the Undead Horde was able to crush the kingdom of the Dwarves (which appeared likely at the time), Tagley was responsible for rallying and leading a a significant Gnomish army to assist the Dwarves during the First Siege of Aughundell in 76 B.R.

Following his success and that of his soldiers during the First Siege of Aughundell, Albus returned to Rachival, to much celebration. It was decided at this time to award Tagley with the title of General, despite the fact that the Gnomes did not traditionally have a standing army, much less a system of ranks or officers to marshal one. As such, it is more appropriate to regard the term 'General' as a sort of title, rather than a military ranking. Regardless of this fact, Tagley was asked to sit in on newly assembled War Council that consisted of several Gnomian government officials, Technologists, and business leaders. This council convened on numerous occasions over the next few years, but accomplished little. No consensus was ever achieved when it came to military policy. Nevertheless, Tagley had the support of various community leaders, including his cousin, the notable Technologist and Tinkerer, Gangaf Tagley.

Together, Albus and Gangaf decided that they would provide both a short and long term solution to the Gnomian non-military issue. Albus would be responsible for training and organizing a 'standard' military force consisting of Gnomes, while Gangaf would research, design and build an army of Automatons to serve as a more long term solution.

Several years had passed since the First Siege of Aughundell, and the fervor about it in Rachival had begun to die down. Many of Rachival's citizens believed that the threat was over, and the world had returned to the old status quo. As such, General Tagley found it difficult, though not impossible to find recruits for his army. It is even reported that the General himself had lost some of his enthusiasm for his own project. This was to have dire consequences in just a few short years.

In 56 B.R., Rachival falls under siege by a massive strike force of the Undead Horde, led by the feared Lich Sulthas Boneripper. General Tagley is again able to rally the troops he had mustered and trained, but they alone are unable to hold off the superior numbers of the Undead. Many other Gnomes quickly rally to Albus, and a desperate defense is mounted at Rachival's gates. The battle is long and losses are heavy on both sides, however the defenders are able to turn away the attack, in no small part due to the unveiling of several different types of Gangaf Tagley's prototype Automatons. Once the battle is over, the Gnomes realize they have new heroes in the two Tagleys, and a new wave of support is offered, however the city is badly battered, and overall the emerging Gnomian Army is in poor shape. In a rare moment of consensus without the creation of a council or committee, the decision is made to fully support both Albus' army, and Gangaf's Automaton Project.

While Albus is rebuilding his Gnomian Army, the Second Siege of Aughundell begins just two years after the initial assault on Rachival. The fact that Albus is unable to repeat his previous triumph weighs heavily on his shoulders, and the fact that the Elven General Attios and his troops were able to relieve the nearly doomed Dwarves does little console his feelings of dereliction of duty. He continues to drill and train his slowly growing army, but it is clear that his morale took a terrible hit from what he considered to be a defeat without ever taking the field.

In 24 B.R. while attempting to defend a breach in Hadan's Wall, Albus Tagley, Hero of Rachival, was slain. His death coincided with the deaths of other great generals, Hadan Ironfist of the Dwarves, and Attios of the Elves. And the destruction of his army and the loss of his leadership would contribute to the Fall of Rachival later that year.

1: The Gnomes were not known to keep a standing army prior to the Ritual of Everlasting Life or the other events of the Age of Lamentations, therefore the rank of 'General' does not really exist in Gnomian military culture. This rank, which is really more of a title for the Gnomes, was awarded to Tagley after the First Siege of Aughundell due to his leadership. It is universally believed that without his charismatic speeches to rally his fellow Gnomes, and his ability to effectively lead what was little more than a ragtag militia, that the citizens of Rachival would not have otherwise been able to muster any sizeable fighting force.


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