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Virtrium a publié il y a déjà un certain temps de nouvelles composantes officielles de l'histoire d'Horizons. C'est ainsi avec un peu de retard que voici un recueil de traditions elfiques militaires:

“Elven Military Traditions”, a Collection of Histories by Annas Torrel of the Imperial Academy of Tazoon.

Fragment of a manuscript, “Annarvios and the Art of War – A history”, unknown author.

“… a great philosopher and general considered by many to be the greatest military strategist of any age. His treatise, “The Art of War”, is perhaps the greatest guide to military strategy and tactics in existence and is taught ……. But it was his leadership and revolutionary tactics that helped drive back the Trandalaran raids and longships and produced a peace that ….. “

“…. Long raided the coastal regions. More than once they had burned Feladan itself and even burned the Trees of Life when they discovered they could not be used as wood for their longships. Elven slaves were prized among them for longevity and subservient attitudes, or so they believed. The burning of the forest proved to be the turning point, leading to the construction of the Walls of Feladan and the formation of a cohort of Spearm….”

“…. Spears threw back the enemy from the walls ….. many of the Trandalarans as they fled back to their longships, leaving many of their brethren wounded and dying in the waters of the bay…. “

Fragment of the manuscript, “The Origins of the Elves”, Attios the Great

“…. have a long and illustrious tradition of the military arts, but it was not always so. Long before the rise of the military state, the Elves lived a peaceful existence far to the east with the Dryad and the Satyr. There, they learned the Way of Alyssa, how to build with wood and with stone, and how to grow the Tree of Life …. “

“…. happened which caused the Elves to leave their homeland and journey westwards. What this great event was has never been spoken of by the Elves, Dryad or Satyr and no records from that time are known to have survived The Lament. A disagreement perhaps or simply a desire to have a land …..”

“…. Dwarves cut and burned much of the Selen Forest, an event that caused an uproar among the Elves and led to war. Elven spears threw back the Dwarves, but they were quick to rally and two wars resulted from this conflict lasting….. thousands dead on both sides and much of the Selen Forest burned from the battles…. But the Queen rallied her armies and led them to victory against the besiegers, driving them out of the forest ….”

Fragment of a journal entry, “Eastern Campaigns, Vol I”, by Attios the Great

“… led the army east across the Wedge in an attempt to stop the invasion of the Withered Aegis and end The Lament (as it later became known) before it began. Cirevitol’s military genius and innovative tactics were key in the fight to slow down the invasion and in fact delayed the eventual downfall of the Satyr by nearly forty years. His army, while under his direct command, never lost a single engagement in three decades of fighting.

For nearly three decades the armies of Cirevitol fought against the Withered Aegis and their other-worldly forces, but despite numerous victories the forces of the Elves and Satyr were unable to drive the Aegis out of the Prime. It is now known that the Aegis fed off the long running battles, for the Elven and Satyr dead often returned the next day to fight against their former comrades and the armies of both peoples grew smaller and weaker with each passing year.

After three decades of stalemate, Cirevitol died. His death is believed to have been the result of poison, though no murderer was ever found. But this single act turned the tide of the war against the Elves and Satyr, for many believed the master general to be invincible, to be protected by Galderos himself. Cirevitol’s untimely death created doubt and fear among the soldiers and despite their experience and superior weapons, they began to lose. First one battle, then another, and finally they were in full retreat before what seemed to be an unstoppable horde of both the undead and unimaginable abominations …..”

Fragment from the manuscript, “The Moirrian Reforms” by Latronicus Abiectal

“ …. of the Elves from 630 B.R. to 580 B.R. Between the First and Second Selen Wars and before her ascension she advocated sweeping reforms to the army. These reforms, which were eventually passed by the Council of Nobles became known as the Moirrian Reforms. They turned what had been a militia force called upon in time of need into a professional standing army, with mandatory paid service, and training during time of peace. These reforms…. drive back the Dwarves in the Second Selen War and established the Selen Forest and all lands south as inviolate …. “

“ … Reforms brought about a sweeping change in the mentality of the Elven people, ushering in a new age of militarism and creating a soldier class that for centuries to come would draw from all classes of Elven society. Because the army drew upon members of all classes of Elven society, it was inevitable that it would gain more and more power. Until eventually it was the army that ruled in all but name and military service became a pre-requisite to a seat on the Council of ….“


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