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23/08/19 09:29
Retour bientot sur WoW Classic...
23/05/08 10:32
salut tt le monde c'est galgane je me pose sur age of conan mais je voulais connaitre votre serveur
02/07/07 18:06
je suis un mage, ridicule, je geule et je me prends pour le centre de l univers. Qui suis je ?
18/08/06 22:34
coucou! DN revient lundi. il a des pb de connexion (changement de forfait) et il a une grosse crève...
16/06/06 13:49
Faudra expliquer a Elfi que derriere le portail il y a un forum
15/06/06 23:33
coucou tout le monde, dsl pour l'absence ces derniers jours, bientot nouveau Pc !!!
15/06/06 20:42
j avoue
15/06/06 16:47
Tain a chier le gars qui flood son truc pour le zyban
02/06/06 21:45

29/05/06 16:41
29/05/06 12:50
il me casse les roupette a poster des pub l autre blairo
18/05/06 23:56
quand le dagon a faim , tout le monde regarde les nains.
24/03/06 13:54
15/02/06 08:00
L'event de Anh'Quiraj c passe non pas aujourd'hui mais Vendredi ca serais bien qu'on y aille tous en...
08/02/06 02:59
encore un boss de mc a terre
05/02/06 02:13
01/02/06 09:49

30/01/06 08:36
arg peut pas poster sur le forum
chiantos man
26/01/06 12:57
je reinstall wow je verait si j'y rejou sous hyjal ou sur un autre serveur
25/01/06 13:21
moi je dit , miettes , esclave de feliss, par fourberie falait oser ^^

Live Patch du 17/11/05 sur Choas et Order

Le patch mensuel pour les serveurs régulier est arrivé aux USA avec notamment l'arrivée des enchères pour les lairs et celle du Dragon Lairshaping.
Toujours aucun nouvelle en ce qui concerne Unity...

The following Changes/Fixes/Additions are being added to Chaos and Order on November 17th:


- Relstaroth the Lairshaper and Balennos the Crystalshaper have arrived in Istaria. Those who are interested in joining the Lairshaper school should seek out a Dragon Craft trainer for assistance.
- The following guild communities have acquired new lair plots:
*Sakon: 2
*Jami: 1
*Toku: 2
*Moyo: 1
*Cameron: 1
*Immons: 1
*Clio: 1
*Apia: 2
*Papa: 2
*Cire: 2
*Tagan: 2
*Moroto: 2
*Grandli: 2
*Tavu: 3
*Carmo: 2
*Baker: 5
*Gerard: 5
*Nana: 3
- Added over 900 crystals to the loot tables of the Withered Aegis.
- Pawnbrokers will now pay for items based on how many they have and how many you wish to sell. They are only willing to keep a certain amount of a particular item in stock. Their stocks will decrease over time.


- Gummy Power will now cap flight speed.
- Demon Claw is now equippable in the Claw slot.
- Corrected the description of Crystalshaping II technique.
- Corrected the description of Lairshaping IV and V techniques.
- Redbacked Spider Numbing Venom will now display a stunned particle effect.
- Journeyman Ambrosia now requires a Cooking skill of 400 to scribe.
- Fixed the location for 'Warrior: Find the Lost Patrol' to be the road between Sslanis and Parsinia as the quest states.
- Updated the form 'Beginner Dairy Products' so that both Sweet Milk and Butter will now produce 3 units instead of 1.
- Satyr Talisman forms will now classify as Jewelry formulae.
- Quest 'Dragon Tooth and Claw Expert' will now count Sickle and Blizzard the named Ice Golems.
- Vampiric Bats now lasts for a significantly shorter period of time, but is no longer dispellable.
- Paladin's Aura of Light now does 110% damage to undead
- Fixed the Profession Tag for Outfitter Trainers throughout Istaria.
- Pumpkin Pie will now use an Adobe Pie Pan instead of Earthenware.
- All purchased resources from Genuata now classify as Tier 1.
- Increased the effectiveness of the following Festival Foods:
*Caramel Apple
*Chocolate Mouse
*Chocolate Spider
*Granny Nuffle's Festival Cookies
*Pumpkin Pie
*Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
- Beginner Dried Fruits corrected to read "Cooking Table and Oven" instead of Pottery Kiln.
- Gummy Maggots now impart the "Gummy Power" effect which lasts for 10 minutes, reduces your delay for melee and ranged attacks by 25%, and caps your speed at 8.
- Updated the description, name and steps of the following Dragon quests which are now all given out by Gerix in Kion:
*"Improve the Accuracy of your Breath Attack" (formerly Accurate Breath I)
*"Learn the power of Healing" (formerly Instant Heal I)
*"Deliver a Load of Spell Shards" (formerly Dimensional Capacity I)
*"Prove yourself worth of the Gift of the Dragons" (formerly Dragon's Gift I)
*"Learn to damage opponents from a distance" (formerly Dragon's Reach I)
*"Gain the power of the Draining Strike" (formerly Drain Strike I)
*"Bolster your attack with Gold Rage" (formerly Gold Rage I)
*"Recover the Carapace of Gritus Maximus" (formerly Hardened Scales I)
*"Extend your knowledge of the Primal Magics" (formerly Primal Mastery I)
*"Gain the knowledge of Spiked Scales" (formerly Spiked Scales I)
*"Sharpen your claws and teeth" (formerly Tooth & Claw I)
- Sir Aidan will now accept Werewolf Bones for consignment.
- Medium Bag of Coins maximum coin value corrected.
- Chocolate Mouse will no longer be consumable by non-mice eating races.
- Beginner and Journeyman Dough formulas will now classify properly.
- Removed Blighted Equiptment and Crystals from Necroflies, Fyakki and Taratulas, they are also no longer considered Withered Aegis.

Simulation Changes/Fixes:

- Experience for contributing resources to a structure is properly calculated based upon base skill values rather than current.
- Corrected an issue that can lead to the "Plot permission information is missing" error message which prevented access to structures and NPCs on a plot.


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