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23/05/08 10:32
salut tt le monde c'est galgane je me pose sur age of conan mais je voulais connaitre votre serveur
02/07/07 18:06
je suis un mage, ridicule, je geule et je me prends pour le centre de l univers. Qui suis je ?
18/08/06 22:34
coucou! DN revient lundi. il a des pb de connexion (changement de forfait) et il a une grosse crève...
16/06/06 13:49
Faudra expliquer a Elfi que derriere le portail il y a un forum
15/06/06 23:33
coucou tout le monde, dsl pour l'absence ces derniers jours, bientot nouveau Pc !!!
15/06/06 20:42
j avoue
15/06/06 16:47
Tain a chier le gars qui flood son truc pour le zyban
02/06/06 21:45

29/05/06 16:41
29/05/06 12:50
il me casse les roupette a poster des pub l autre blairo
18/05/06 23:56
quand le dagon a faim , tout le monde regarde les nains.
24/03/06 13:54
15/02/06 08:00
L'event de Anh'Quiraj c passe non pas aujourd'hui mais Vendredi ca serais bien qu'on y aille tous en...
08/02/06 02:59
encore un boss de mc a terre
05/02/06 02:13
01/02/06 09:49

30/01/06 08:36
arg peut pas poster sur le forum
chiantos man
26/01/06 12:57
je reinstall wow je verait si j'y rejou sous hyjal ou sur un autre serveur
25/01/06 13:21
moi je dit , miettes , esclave de feliss, par fourberie falait oser ^^
23/01/06 13:13
bande de traitre

Patch sur Blight du 05/10/2015 (Delta 279) et Live du 27/05/2015

Ce nouveau patch sur Blight s'inscrit dans la continuite des precedents, a savoir des correctifs et ajustements multiples sans fil conducteur particulier.

Edit: ce patch a ete porte sur les Live Shards le 27/10/2015

- Distillery added in New Trismus town 45985 14678, needed by Outfitter quests.
- Master Fabric Backpack Pouch formula has been created. This will allow you to create Steelsilk Backpack Pouch (uncolored). The formula can be purchased from Bragha, the Outfitter trainer in Aughundell.
- Techniques Craft: Scalecraft and Craft: Dragon Crafter's boons are no longer stackable (will not allow a dragon scale to be created with both techs any more).
- Crystallized Golem now respawns every 10-20 minutes instead of every 2-3 minutes.
- Ish'kuk Warrior Club Splinter renamed to Ish'kuk Warrior's Club Splinter. Ish'kuk Warrior Jawbone renamed to Ish'kuk Warrior's Jawbone.
- Quest: Earn Title: Antidote Expert - typo in quest log "Antidote Maker" to "Antidote Expert".
- Fangs of Fury crystal will now correctly affect recycle delay on attack abilities.
- Primal Rage crystal now correctly shows 5% chance in tooltip (the crystal wasn't broke, just didn't display the tooltip correctly).
- Small patch of Blighted Cedar trees added in Sslanis Basin, 203/221 area.
- Fixed typos in quest Rare Foods: Snap Dragon.
- Jirakis Community Stoneworking Shelter added 226/283, near Obsidian outside of Dralk.
- Silver Whistle and Elm Reed formula price changed from 300c to 250c at Chiconis/Dalimond Town Marshalls.
- Blighted Ironsilk now spawns near Dwarven Barrows Clothworking Center.
- Typos fixed in quest Spring Festival Riddle: The Blacksmith and the Emperor.
- Scorpions and Spiders can now use Ingenuity to harvest venom in addition to Intuition skill.
- Vargas the Bold now sells (3) Epic Travel Scroll boxes. Each box contains multiple scrolls (one of each) to various locations and costs 1 Epic token per box.
Box 1:
*Tower of Sorcery
*Tower of Healing
*Tower of Clerics
*Tower of Mages
*Tower of Wizard
*Tower of Spirits

Box 2:
*Myloc Colony (Dralknok's Doom)
*Council Chamber
*Dusk Tower (Eastern Deadlands/Barrier Vale)

Box 3:
*Satyr Islands: Alged
*Satyr Islands: Corvus
*Satyr Islands: Dahibi
*Satyr Islands: Elnath
- Quest: Go Bag Giant Loricatus Beetles are now turned in to the same NPC's that give quest (Dalimond/Chiconis) trophy hunter, instead of Kion/Sslanis trophy hunter.
- Lessen Focus and Lessen Power spells require Blight skill to scribe, instead of Mind skill.
- Maple trees and Bright residue now spawns near the Falathien Logging Camp / Essence Circle.
- Quest: ARoP03 - Scale of Ancients - Speak to Vladtmordt: Should you accidentally delete this quest, you will now be able to speak to Vladtmordt and re-aquire the quest (instead of contacting support). Quest is automatically given towards end of ARoP02, the previous quest.
- Yew Construction Braces, when applied to a community building (Ore Refinery (Tier 5)) now correctly shows appropriate values, instead of zeros. You'll also gain crafting experience when applying this material (if you meet requirements).
- Defiled Primalist (Blight Anchor's Ghost Dragons) has missing head and wings re-applied to the mob, they will now appear correctly.
- Christmas presents from Cashiers on New Koraelia Isle now has a chance to create new items - Red and White Wine bottles (Consuming produces red or green glowing effects). You can drink both red and white wine to "mix" the effects. Also has a chance to drop a 'collectible' bottle called "A bottle of Dwarven Brandy".
- Chompa, the named Greater Ulmus beetle now only spawns in one location, instead of three possible locations.
- Very small amounts of Radiant essence residue now can spawn with the wisps, near the T6 Eastern Deadlands Essence Circle.
- The Wolf's Bane crystal has been adjusted from 5% chance to 25% chance to proc, when using Special Attacks (ability attacks). Description updated to make it more clear that this only activates while using special attacks, not normal melee attacks.
- Constraint keywords fixed on Calimir's Hide Grip. Completed quests, required for you to use the tech kit, were backwards (Rangers and Non-Ranger version). You will now be able to apply the tech kit to a weapon when you have the appropriate quest completed.
- Crippled effects (I-VII) for Gold Rage (I-VII) has the min and max Primal Resistance values corrected and no longer reversed.
- Primal Mastery IX: Trophies of the Isles - Text updated to no longer refer to Gnawer being on Island of Ice.
- Epic Spell Technique: Mental Bane now requires Spellcraft skill instead of Alchemy. However, some of the required components will still require Alchemy to craft.
- Lesser and Greater (not Delgarath) Anchors: Corrupted Voidsinger/Voidcaster will no longer spawn Void Horrors nor incorrectly spawn additional spawns on their own. This should eliminate the possibility of more than 15 mobs at any given time.


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