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23/08/19 09:29
Retour bientot sur WoW Classic...
23/05/08 10:32
salut tt le monde c'est galgane je me pose sur age of conan mais je voulais connaitre votre serveur
02/07/07 18:06
je suis un mage, ridicule, je geule et je me prends pour le centre de l univers. Qui suis je ?
18/08/06 22:34
coucou! DN revient lundi. il a des pb de connexion (changement de forfait) et il a une grosse crève...
16/06/06 13:49
Faudra expliquer a Elfi que derriere le portail il y a un forum
15/06/06 23:33
coucou tout le monde, dsl pour l'absence ces derniers jours, bientot nouveau Pc !!!
15/06/06 20:42
j avoue
15/06/06 16:47
Tain a chier le gars qui flood son truc pour le zyban
02/06/06 21:45

29/05/06 16:41
29/05/06 12:50
il me casse les roupette a poster des pub l autre blairo
18/05/06 23:56
quand le dagon a faim , tout le monde regarde les nains.
24/03/06 13:54
15/02/06 08:00
L'event de Anh'Quiraj c passe non pas aujourd'hui mais Vendredi ca serais bien qu'on y aille tous en...
08/02/06 02:59
encore un boss de mc a terre
05/02/06 02:13
01/02/06 09:49

30/01/06 08:36
arg peut pas poster sur le forum
chiantos man
26/01/06 12:57
je reinstall wow je verait si j'y rejou sous hyjal ou sur un autre serveur
25/01/06 13:21
moi je dit , miettes , esclave de feliss, par fourberie falait oser ^^

The Map Pack v3.3e(nhanced)

Je ne parle généralement pas dans ces news des customisations des joueurs, mais celle-ci est assez importante pour qu'on la cite: après plusieurs versions intermédiaires, une nouvelle version du Map Pack vient d'être publiée. Celle-ci remplace la très ancienne v3.2 de Cobal.
Attention: pour les utilisateurs de la v3.2, les instructions d'installation ont changé. Veuillez vous référez aux instructions de la page de téléchargement.


Thanks Cobal for the permission to work on the map pack, I really hope the Unity character transfer will be done soon...

A lot of changes has been made, the plots and lair markers have gone to increase the loading speed of the map pack. All plot and lair communities got labeled and if you hover with your mouse over the name it will show the amount of plots and lairs (f.e. Parsinia, 18 P means 18 Plots, or 10 L = 10 Lairs). There are no more pricing or size informations, but keeping this up to date takes too much time and all those plot and lair icons slow down the map pack a lot.

It was fun to me hunting after all those new locations and a big thank you to all helpers for finding all the new resources. The addicon menu got resorted, all the confectioner related icons have been moved to the end of the list for easier access.

A lot of misspellings got corrected, unnecessary markers have been deleted and lots of new markers have been inserted. Enjoy!


For the .zip Version: Simply copy the resources_override folder into your Horizons folder and say "yes" if you get asked to overwrite, keep in mind that it's always a good idea to make a backup of your old folder before you change it.

For the .exe version: double click the icon to start installation and follow the on screen instructions.

Both versions:
Edit with NotePad the value "string mapPath" at the bottom of the file located in the folder horizons/prefs/ClientPrefs_Common.def:
string mapPath = "resources_override/resources/interface/maps"
This have to be done after a Horizons update or a full scan too!

I have tested the mappack on win2k and winxp, you should check the folder names: "resources", "interface" and "maps" and change them if necessary to lowercase letters, I got bugged view of the mappack on a win2k system when uppercase letters where used, on winxp it worked for me without problems, it may not do for you, Horizons seems to be somewhat sensitive on this. I don't take any responsibility if your Horizons, Computer, Toaster or something else gets disfunctional.

Only highres maps up to now, if it's recommended I can edit the lowres version of the Mappack, too. Up to now no one seems to want it.

Thank you!

Thanks to all contributors (since V3.21E, sorry but I don't know the ones that helped before) and their permission to use their material:
- Dahaka (for some resource locations)
- Dorrin (a Version of the Riftmap, I decided to use the one from Steelclaw, thanks anyway)
- Eisdrache / Finiaroth (for hosting the mappack)
- Firebrand Crest (for suggestions to New Trismus and the missing Spirit Isle Map, for help on the installer version, resource locations and testing the pack)
- IvoryClaw (for testing the pack)
- Kala (for a lot nice confectioner resource icons)
- Mimir (for the Rift mapmarkers)
- Oakleif (for your suggestions, lots of markers and testing the pack)
- Steelclaw (for the map of the Rift and hosting the mappack)
- Trixter (for resource locations)
- Zexoin (for some resource locations)

Pekka and Cobal and all helpers for all the work they did before V3.21, thanks for your effort!


For your markers if you want to provide them, stored in the Horizons folder/prefs/server_character/UIMapMarkers.def or for suggestions

Terao - 2007/04/08


Updates v3.3E

- a lot mispellings corrected
- plots and lairs have gone to increase the speed and won't be supported from my side anymore
(hopefully) all lairs and plot communities have been labeled and if you hoover over it, it will show the amount of plots and lairs (f.e. Parsinia, 18 P means 18 Plots, or 10 L = 10 Lairs)
- icons for the new confectioner resources, the rare garnishes got numbered to show the Tier they belong to and sorted to the end of the addicon menu

Marker Updates done on:

- lot of unnecessary and some double markers deleted
- Trandalar (thanks to Oakleif)
- outposts
- loads of wells and sand deposits added
- old starter islands updated
- thanks to all helpers and forum posters for the locations of the new resources (Firebrandcrest, Trixter, Dahaka, Oakleif, Zexoin, name a few..)
- LOT of additions and corrections all around Istaria

Updates v3.25E

- confectioner resource icons (thanks Kala for those really great icons!)
- Rift map added (thanks to Dorrin for your version of The Rift map, I took the version provided by Steelclaw, thanks to all of you!)
* Player of dragons should be smart enough not look at the map the first time you do the quest!
- a lot of double entries in the city-plotname file deleted
- missing Spirit Isle added (thanks to Firebrand for information)
- unnecessary files deleted, the compressed version is about 1 MB smaller than the previous one
- higher detailed map for New Trismus is now used (thanks to Firebrand for suggestion)
- some icons added, fixed, enhanced and replaced (new / reworked: T6 stone, deer.. enhanced: tower, eye, sugar, sand, potato, landing pad..)
- some more of the colored original colored markers used now, and some of those that never had been used have gone

Marker updates done on:

- Werewolf Island, Balit's Island and some on Trandalar (thanks Oakleif for the markers!)
- Rift map (thanks Mimir for the markers!)
- all missing landing pads that could be reached from Bristugo added (quiet a lot where missing)
- some missing portals added
- some resource spots and mines added like the mithril mines near Augh and some other additions all around Istaria
- Genevia updated
- Scorpion Island updated
- some names added to islands and other places
- Spirit Isle markered
- Skalkaar markered

Updates v3.23E:

- Big thanks to Oakleif for his markers (f. e. showing way to Draak, some resource spots added, dragon quest related stuff and machines ...)

Marker updates done on:

- Tazoon detail map fixed and updated
- Aughundell detail map fixed and updated
- New Trismus should be up to date now
- some small fixes on Dalimond, Kion and other town maps
- Istaria map some updates here and there

Updates V3.22E:

- buttons of detail maps (towns, islands...) now all sortet in the same manner
- detail maps now show blue npc dot if you stand nearby and the map has no marker at that place, just like the Istaria map does
- Chiconis
- Kirasanct
- Dralk
- New Trismus
- Kion
- Dalimond Outlands
- Lesser Aradoth
- Istaria map some fixes (f. e.: dragon icons now used for NPCs in Dralk and Chiconis...)

Updates v3.21E:

- The city and player city names joined into one switch
- Plots & lairs on the free one, that way you can switch plots and lairs on and off. Having them off enhances the speed of opening the map quiet a lot.
- colored houses symbol now used instead of the grayscaled one
- colored portal symbol now used instead of the grayscaled one
- colored cow symbol now used instead of the grayscaled one
- colored chicken symbol now used instead of the grayscaled one

Marker updates done on:

- Mahagra updated
- Sslanis updated
- some updates on Lesser Aradoth (e. g. Parsinia)
- Genevia: Pajstini updated
- some updates on New Trismus
- some small fixes here and there, and surly some new quirks added

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